Pickups, inspections, and delivery events can be reported to connected  OEMs time.

import to tms

Import to TMS

Import the data collected in the app into your carrier Transportation Management System (TMS).

cost effective


A comprehensive and cost-effective way for automobile carriers to manage vehicle pickups, inspections, and deliveries. 

user friendly


Decrease on the time spent training drivers and improve satisfaction with our driver-friendly app interface.

Product statement

What can the ICL Final Mile app do?

Powerful and intuitive, ICL offers a comprehensive and cost-effective way for automobile carriers to electronically manage vehicle pickups, inspections, and deliveries. 

What Problems can ICL Final Mile Solve?

  • Pickups, inspections, and delivery events can be reported to OEMs connected to ICL in real-time, ensuring that they receive timely and accurate data
  • Import the data collected in the app into your carrier Transportation Management System (TMS)
  • Decrease the time spent training drivers and 
    improve satisfaction with our driver-friendly app interface
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Key features

What the ICL Final Mile app can do for Auto Haulers

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    Streamline operations by implementing this for all of your company’s moves. 

    The solution can support new, used, personally-owned vehicles, cross-dock moves as well as custom logic if necessary.

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    Never move the wrong vehicle again

    Scan VIN barcodes using the device to validate that the correct vehicle is being loaded or unloaded.

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    Works even when there is no cell service available

    The driver can proceed without interruption when there is no internet connection and all of the data captured on the device will be sent as soon as a connection is reestablished. 

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    Notify parties of shipment updates

    Provide recipients with updates on ETA’s as well as notifications when the driver is about to arrive so that they are prepared for the delivery. 

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    Retrieve damage information at the click of a button.

    All of the damages reported in the app including photos and documents can be retrieved via our web portal or they sent directly to your system via our API.

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    Manage where the electronic documents get sent

    Pickup and delivery receipts and CMR documentation can be generated at the completion and can be sent to email addresses on file.

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    Supports multiple languages 

    The app is currently available in English and Spanish and additional languages can be added.

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Benefits for Drivers

Our application was designed with the driver's needs in mind. 

Key Features

  • Scan VINs easily
    Barcode-capable scanner built in
  • Work offline
    When cellular or wi-fi service is unavailable
  • Receive push notifications
    When loads are added, changed, or cancelled
  • Record inspection data in real-time
    Take photos and pin-point exact location of damage in the app
  • Install on your own device
    Download the app in the Google Play or Apple App store

Benefits for OEMs

Designed to help carriers keep customers satisfied.

Key Features

  • Generate PDF delivery receipts and eCMR documentation
  • Set up geo-fencing to notify dealers of shipments enroute
  • Record damages using industry-recognized codes approved by AIAG and ECG 

Frequently asked questions

Final Mile is a mobile solution that lets you digitize the driver process from start to finish and eliminate paperwork.

  • Record time-stamps and coordinates of events like pickups, inspections, and deliveries. 
  • Capture everything from vehicle inspections using AIAG global standard codes and photographic proof to consignee signatures. 
  • Satisfy OEM reporting requirements by sending data in near real-time directly from the app. 

The app consists of a mobile solution and back office admin screens and connects directly to the carrier’s TMS/ERP system using our RESTful API.

The mobile app is designed for both Android (6.0 and later) and iOS and will work on almost any smart device.

You can use our app in North America (including Mexico) and it is coming soon to Europe.

Yes, the app requires the carrier’s TMS/ERP system to integrate with our RESTful API for sending the load information directly from your system to ours.

Setup time is dependent on the carrier and typically takes a few weeks to complete integration and testing. Let us know if you are interested in looking over our API documentation. 

The driver recipient will receive a mobile app notification every time a new load is sent, updated, or removed.

Nothing to worry about. The app will continue working in offline mode and all of the data will be synced to the server once an internet connection is reestablished.

The electronic proof of collection and delivery documentation is generated as soon as a stop is completed.

The documents can be emailed directly to a pre defined distribution list setup as well as retrieved via our API and through our web portal.

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