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Supervise every VIN in-transit

Focused on operational execution, so the OEM logistics team can focus on strategic matters 


Metrics that matter

Our team prepares regular reports and ad hoc data analysis to support your decision making, guided by our operational insights

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Save time, save money

Every day of reduced transit time is money saved to the OEM, thanks to Rubicon's hands-on management of the network

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Predict problems, take action

Our team proactively manages the network, to ensure exceptions are known by the OEM logistics team before they happen, and actions can be taken to mitigate impacts

Total visibility

Work with the leading experts in Finished Vehicle Logistics

For OEMs looking for additional logistics staffing and expertise, Rubicon VLS seamlessly integrates with the OEM logistics team to manage the vehicle delivery process. From networking planning to hands-on operations management, Rubicon provides the industry knowledge and relationships to deliver a best in class finished vehicle logistics network. 

What services does Rubicon VLS offer?

  • Network Management
  • Network Design
  • Service Negotiations
  • Route Management
  • Claims Management
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  • Day-to-day, operational management of the flow of finished vehicles from origin to dealer.
  • Monitoring inventory levels and pipeline counts, overseeing and following through on customer priorities, and directing movements within the network while coordinating with supplier capabilities and capacities.
  • Support activities that measure network performance through the creation of internal customer scorecards, supplier balanced scorecards, supporting metrics, and business analytics reports.

  • There are multiple scales of design that Rubicon VLS can support, dependent on the goals needing accomplished. Whether the task is short-term diversion analysis, or long-term cost savings distribution analysis, we have the ability to interpret the request, and provide output across multiple summary views.
  • Our experts can identify feasible alternatives based on extensive finished-vehicle-network knowledge. We understand the comprehensive list of required study inputs, and provide multiple options for the customer to make the decision that best aligns with their priorities.

  • Rubicon VLS can be your solution for bid package creation, analysis, and budget construction. 
  • Procurement activities often determine the direction of an organization. Making the best decisions leads to greater long-term success. 
  • We can support these activities through the use of advanced analytical processes which enable the efficient output of ready-to-distribute bid packages, bid analysis, and budget segments.

  • For additional needs beyond the preparation of bid material and analysis, Rubicon VLS can manage the procurement process in its entirety. 
  • This includes developing bid strategies, managing round-by-round negotiations, fully vetting supplier capabilities, administering contracts, and negotiating terms and conditions on the customer’s behalf. 
  • This is accomplished by utilizing a thorough project management environment to ensure timing and requirements are met.

  • Rubicon VLS offers the support activity of route development and data entry of finished vehicle routes within OEM preferred systems. 
  • Our network experts have an understanding of how vehicles should logically be routed by facility, and follow contractual guidelines as outlined by OEM. 
  • We are able to enter routes correctly the first time, and recognize and resolve incorrect routes to avoid mis-shipments.

  • The management of damage claims through to completion is an additional service that Rubicon VLS offers. 
  • This includes utilization of online tracking tools that make information readily available for the proper assignment of damages occurring throughout the transportation cycle of the vehicle.
Award Rubicon

Our award-winning team uses ICL’s VLMS (Vehicle Logistics Management Software) to provide the most data-driven finished vehicle logistics services of any automotive 3PL/4PL. 


Frequently asked questions

Rubicon VLS is a wholly owned subsidiary of ICL. Rubicon provides 3rd party logistics services as a complement to ICL’s software services. 

No, Rubicon can provide special services to customers not yet using ICL’s VLMS software. For example, support for new vehicle launches, or network design services for entering new markets. 

ICL’s Operations Support team provides data management services and system support services, including technical training and vendor onboarding. 

Yes! Rubicon can provide support for short term projects, like reverse logistics programs, or network design studies. If you have a logistics problem that requires FVL expertise, let us know! 

  • Rubicon is co-located to where our customers are. Currently most of our team are in Rochester Hills, Michigan; and Mexico City. When our business expands to new locations, we hire locally to provide in person support to our customers. 
  • Rubicon has regional coverage across North America, including at least annual boots on the ground visits to every facility our customers ship vehicles through. 
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