logistic data management

Leverage Data

  • Network Flows & Locations
  • Logistical costs by model, known constraints and events
logistic data management

Intelligent Decisions

  • Changes/optimize all costs in your network for all modes
  • Solve for the best combination of ramps/yards 
  • Instant cost understanding of new/removed lanes/nodes
logistic data management


  • Significant Reduction in transportation costs
  • Increased Flexibility 
  • Improved Service times

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About Starboard Solutions


Starboard was founded on a simple principle--make supply chain design fast, powerful, and cater to the needs of supply chain leaders. 

Starboard answers supply chain design questions with the speed and transparency that Supply Chain Leaders require. Combining modern, serverless architecture with gaming technology, Starboard’s Navigator platform is the super-simple/super-fast way to model supply chains, ask what-if questions, and iterate towards the best solution.

With over seventy customer companies across the globe, Starboard is the fastest growing Supply Chain Design Platform and the most current technology available in the market. 

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Frequently asked questions

No, we can aggregate any data provided it separates out the nodes, lanes, costs, and products that you want to optimize or build a network for. Being a VLMS customer only speeds up the process because ICL already has a lot of the data needed.

It allows users to interact with the data in real-time, providing an instant recalculation of optimized costs or transit times.

Depending on how specific the answers have to be, the initial setup can be done in days, and then the user has complete control to change variables as they go.

 Cost is on a case-by-case basis, depending on the amount of data aggregation needed and the volume of your network. Don't hesitate to contact us for a demo and a customized quote for your company.

Network Optimization | Modeling Tool

Network Optimization is a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) solution integrated seamlessly to leverage data from ICL VLMS and your enterprise systems.



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