cost effective

Save money

Through enhanced visibility to chargeable events, like demurrage, and reduced days in transit.

import to tms

Save time

By automating reporting and manual work.


Predict the future

Dynamic ETAs power automated pipeline reports that can help operations make more informed decisions.

user friendly

Centralize data

Data that drives decisions – one source of the truth, with end to end transparency, visible to all users.

Product statement

What is railcar management software and what can it do for Rail Shippers?

For rail shippers or car owners who want end to end visibility of their rail shipments, RSVP acts as a central data hub, turning information from railroads into actionable insights that save our customers time and money managing their rail network. 

One approach shippers are taking to better manage their shipments in this new era of railroading is to implement supply chain visibility and management software. ICL offers software and 3PL services that can help shippers reduce the cost and complexity in shipping by rail.

Download our ebook to learn:

  • What is a railcar tracking system, and is it different from a rail TMS?
  • What ROI you can expect from implementing a railcar tracking system
  • Which technical and business needs should be considered when selecting a provider or analyzing an in-house option


Railcar Tracking and Management Made Simple

  • Automated exception alerts 
    Spend time resolving problems, instead of looking for them.
  • Smarter ETAs 
    Fixed standards don’t match reality for rail transport.
  • Pipeline management  
    At a glance view of your entire rail network.
  • Customized, scheduled email reports 
    All the information your customers need to track their in-bound railcars.
  • Demurrage module 
    Everything you need to manage and audit demurrage in centralized data center.
  • Analytics 
    Prepare presentation-ready KPI reports in minutes.
  • Team collaboration in one place 
    Access from any location, any device, without any hardware installation.
  • See the full picture 
    End-to-end visibility across all your rail partners in one location.

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What Makes Us Different

What Can RSVP Do For Rail Shippers

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    Cloud-based Railcar Tracking

    No IT cost to our customers.

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    Accessible anytime, anywhere

    Accessible anytime, from any device, with a unique user ID and secure website.

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    Embedded analytics

    Powered by Tableau, no additional license fees to our customers.

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    Direct data connections

    Data connections directly with the railways, for more timely, accurate data.

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    Proactive data management

    Through automated alerts and manual reviews, we monitor waybill and CLM data and contact the railways.

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    Continuous improvement

    Using our in-house development team, based on customer feedback and the latest technologies.

Looking for something custom?

Because we are a software company and do all development in house, we can accommodate your custom business needs. 

Standard Features

We offer products and services that meet the needs for many different areas of the logistics industry

  • In-Transit Tracking Updates
  • Real Time Location
  • Railcar Shipment History
  • Pipeline & Last Mile Visibility
  • Railcar Tracking Information
  • Shipment Waybill Information
  • Bad Order Information
  • Dynamic ETA
  • Transit Time Analytics
  • Performance Metrics
  • Route Management
  • Ability To Customize, Save And Schedule Reports
  • Ability To Create Hotlists
  • Ability To Flag Exceptions
  • Ability To Add Comments
additional features
  • Demurrage Estimator
  • BOL Creator Tool

How to Use Railcar Management Software to Reduce Demurrage and Storage Fees

One of the most significant changes that shippers face due to the adaption of precision scheduled railroading (PSR) has been increased demurrage and storage fees. PSR supporters argue that the increased costs incentivize shippers to off-load their freight and turn around rail cars quickly. This can reduce dwell times and improve overall service, even though sometimes receivers cannot always respond to faster transit times, resulting in demurrage and storage.

Download our whitepaper to learn:

  • Where, when, and why you pay demurrage when using railroad-owned cars or storage on privately controlled fleets
  • How to avoid errors in manual reporting
  • How to find real-time insight on freight and how this can lead to better cost management

Frequently asked questions

Once your subscription agreement is signed, we have processes in place that can get you up and running in 1 week. 

RSVP is a subscription-based software as a service. There is no cost to purchase or install the software. 

Typical fee structures are a per railcar fee, based on the volume and complexity of your shipping network. A fixed monthly fee is also possible. 

There is no user limit for RSVP. Number of users required will be discussed prior to onboarding. 

Yes! We offer low-cost 30 day trials so you can get a feel for the software before making a purchase decision. 

Yes! You can set up automated reports that email railcar locations, ETAs, and any other relevant shipment information, and schedule these reports to run by email. 
You can also give your customers or suppliers a user ID, depending on what type of information you would like shared with them. 

The RSVP ETA engine provides an original ETA, the railway provided current ETA, and the RSVP calculated current ETA.
Our ETA algorithms are dynamic, reacting to the current trend in railway performance and day of week operating schedules, as opposed to fixed standards. And because the ETA is recalculated at every station and with every event, or, lack of movement, it doesn't become stale. 
Our ETA engine is scrubbed daily for outliers that impact data quality. 

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