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For OEMs and 3PLs/4PLs

VLMS is a software as a service for OEMs or automotive 3PLs/4PLs.


Total Visibility

Total visibility from plant to dealer, by centralizing and digitizing data from all logistics providers.

cost effective

Seamless integrations

Control freight spend with automated, electronic invoice audit

user friendly

Predict and analyze

Predict the future, with dynamic ETAs and automated exception alerts

Total visibility

End to end visibility with Vehicle Logistics Management System

For OEMs or automotive 3PLs/4PLs who want total visibility from plant to dealer, VLMS seamlessly integrates with logistics providers for all segments of the finished vehicle pre-delivery and transportation process.

Our customers can predict vehicle arrivals, analyze transportation data, and automate the auditing of freight invoices, ultimately saving time and money. 

Why ICL’s Vehicle Logistics Management System? 

  • Industry leader – VLMS is used by more OEMs than any other system 
  • Over 30 years of industry experience in finished vehicle logistics
  • We are independent – we do not own assets, so you can trust your data is managed free of bias to any logistics provider or OEM
  • Frictionless integration of logistics provider data, managed by ICL
  • Customizations are available for our customer’s business processes
  • We proactively review data and work with the logistics providers to correct data quality
  • We reinvest in our software based on customer feedback and the latest technologies – supported by our in-house development team, our software never gets stale 
  • Because it is cloud-based, VLMS can be accessed anywhere, from any device
  • Unlimited user IDs for your employees, dealers, and logistics services providers
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System Modules

  • Track vehicles from pre-production at the plant to dealer, including: truck, rail, ocean, yards and ports
  • Eliminate work related to providing ETA updates to logistics providers or dealers by providing them access to the system to check ICL’s dynamically calculated ETAs for each segment in transit, including simplified screens designed with the dealer in mind
  • Automate reporting related to managing inventory, in-transit pipelines, and exceptions, so the logistics team can focus on solving problems instead of finding them
  • Analyze logistics provider performance KPIs, so you can identify the root cause of in transit delays and work with your providers to improve performance
  • Create custom reports and share them between team members in a centralized location in the system, or generated as email reports, so everyone on the team is using the same data to make decisions about the supply chain

  • Reduce the work associated with the manual audit and processing of freight invoices by setting up audit rules within the system, ensuring that every invoice is checked for every audit condition before payment is approved, and no duplicate payments occur
  • Understand cost information down to the individual vehicle, to manage costs more effectively and maximize logistics provider performance
  • Analyze the root cause of budget variances
  • Seamlessly integrate between ICL and your ERP system, so that payment status information is in sync between both systems

  • Reduce the time it takes to manage non-standard moves like auto shows, dealer buy-backs and stock transfers
  • Coordinate the bidding, transportation, and invoicing process in one centralized location for total visibility and complete historical records for each move

  • Create custom dashboards and share between team members, in addition to the analytics reports that already come with each module

  • Understand the location and responsible party for when damage occurs by capturing damage exceptions in the system
  • Identify root causes and trends, so you can work with each logistics provider to reduce damage

  • Reduce the work for the logistics team associated with supporting logistics providers who cannot transmit data electronically
  • This module gives non-electronic logistics providers the ability to report vehicle delivery information to ICL’s database using webscreens

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Additional Services

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    Customer support

    Customer Operations Support

    • We proactively manage your data and work with your logistics providers to correct data quality
    • We provide ongoing training and support to your team and your logistics providers
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    Service VLMS

    Data Science Services

    • The manual work associated with combining information from VLMS with your other systems for ad-hoc reporting or annual exercises like budgeting can be greatly reduced with ICL’s data automation tools
    • Our team can help with any data challenge, whether it’s adhoc data science reporting needs, or preparing data models for AI and Machine Learning
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    3PL/ 4PL Services

    3PL / 4PL Services

    • Our in-house 3PL/4PL team, Rubicon VLS, can provide the expertise and industry connections needed to design and manage a best in class vehicle network
    • Our team can help with any data challenge, whether it’s adhoc data science reporting needs, or preparing data models for AI and Machine Learning

Interested in our services?


Our award-winning support team proactively manages the data and provides ongoing
support to your logistics team and your logistics service providers. 


At sea - booking information, manifest, invoice, and real-time GPS location

At the plant - vehicle order # pre-production, production status updates, final quality release

At in-transit yards/ports - ingate/outgate, bay location updates, work orders, servicing events

Vehicle telematics - location, condition, status of vehicle

On rail - shipment information, real-time car location updates, invoices

On truck - booking information, pick up / delivery events, in-transit location updates, damage exceptions, proof of delivery

OEM logistics user - ETA updates, vehicle history, KPI reports, budgeting, invoice status

Logistics provider - vehicle information, LSP scorecard, invoice status, manually report deliveries

Technical Specifications

  • Hosting managed by ICL (both cloud and server options available) 
  • Guaranteed system availability up to 99%, monitored 24/7/365
  • Role-based security model 
  • Certifications: ISO, TISAX, SOC-1
  • Optimized for Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox, and mobile devices


ICL seamlessly integrates with any OEM or logistics provider,
including the following data exchange methods: 

  • The OEM’s ERP system (ex. SAP, or similar internal system)
  • EDI, including ANSI-X12 and EDIFACT
  • Flat files
  • API
  • Web services
  • Excel template upload
  • Webscreen data entry
  • ICL's Final Mile and YMS applications

Looking for something custom?

Because we are a software company and do all development in house,
we can accommodate your custom business needs. 

Fee Structure


Flat Fee

Flat fee, based on volumes, complexity, and modules subscribed


Additional costs

Depending on customizations needed, there may also be implementation costs


Everything included

Fees cover all hosting costs, system licensing fees, support costs, training, and unlimited user IDs

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Frequently asked questions

No, the VLMS system is fully hosted by ICL including all technical maintenance and support.

There are many options available within VLMS where users can configure and save their own reports.  

In many cases, those reports can be designated as private or public, so teams can more easily share information.

Yes, the VLMS system comes with a standard set of KPI reports that our customers use to facilitate regular service reviews with their LSPs.  

The LSPs have access to their performance metrics as well so that all parties can come to the service review meeting well prepared.

Yes, any information in the system can be set up to run as an emailed report. 

Many of our customers use this feature to more proactively monitor new vehicle launches, communicate ETAs to in-transit yards to logistics providers, or monitor for exceptions such as mis-routed vehicles. 

Yes, our email alerts can be tailored so that escalation emails can be sent when issues reach certain thresholds.

Yes!  We provide dealers visibility in a number of ways, depending on the preference of the OEM:

  • Login access to the system directly with a secure username / password
  • Integration of our VLMS webscreen into an OEM dealer portal, managed with single sign-on 
  • Data feed of shipment status and ETA information from VLMS to the OEM systems, to provide internal reporting to the dealer

Training and support for your LSPs (as well as your employees) is included in our VLMS service agreements. 

Data security is a top priority at ICL
  • Our role-based security model ensures users only have access to the data you want them to have
  • Our secure, web-native architecture includes multiple layers of security, and is monitored 24/7/365
  • ICL is TISAX, SOC-1 and ISO 9001 certified
  • Does your organization require a different certification for IT providers? We will work with you to ensure we maintain the appropriate credentials to support your business. 

With VLMS, you pay a flat annual rate that allows you unlimited access and users.  

Your LSPs also have access at no extra charge.

Yes, data can easily be exchanged between VLMS your ERP systems (including legacy systems).  

We can support web services, API, EDI standards like ANSI-X12 or EDIFACT, or flat files.  

This depends on a number of factors, including:

  • The complexity of your network
  • The number of LSPs you use
  • The modules that you choose
  • How we will integrate your data into VLMS

Our project schedules are managed in weeks and months, not years. 

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