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Lindsay English Named Logistics “Rising Star” at Automotive Global Awards


NEW ORLEANS – Lindsay English, director of Rubicon VLS, won the “Rising Star” Award in logistics at the Automotive Global Awards North America held in New Orleans on April 05, 2017.

The Rising Star Award is open to members of the automotive industry who have shown initiative, dedication, and excellence in shaping their business for the future in the fields of logistics, supply chain, purchasing, and sales and marketing. English was nominated for the award by Tom Swennes and Pat Lewis of sister-company, ICL, Inc. English won via unanimous decision by the selection committee. The Automotive Global Awards North America bring together leading innovators in the automotive industry to appreciate excellence and innovation. The awards are held at the New Orleans Ritz-Carlton. Rubicon VLS provides end-to-end automotive logistics services in North America. They are located in Rochester

Hills, MI.

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