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ICL announces the hiring of Gina Tovar as Managing Director for Europe


ICL Systems, the cornerstone of Vehicle Logistics Software in North America for 30 years, is now active on the European market, with BMW Germany as its first client. It will now provide carmakers across Europe with a comprehensive range of vehicle logistics management services, including asset tracking, invoice auditing for OEMs, and business analytics. Leveraging the collective real-world experience of the ICL management team, our solutions are designed from the customer’s perspective.

ICL, the leading provider of finished vehicle logistics software in North America, announces the hiring of Gina Tovar as Managing Director for Europe, effective the 10th of January, 2022. Gina Tovar and Rudolf Luttmann, current Managing Director, will initially share this role.

Gina brings a global leadership perspective to the new position with more than twenty years of experience in the automotive industry in North America and Europe. After joining Volkswagen de Mexico, she moved to the Volkswagen Group Logistics headquarters in Wolfsburg. In 2001, Gina took over the Outbound Planning and Procurement for the U.S. and Canada at Volkswagen Group of America in Auburn Hills; here, she was introduced to ICL for the first time.

“ICL’s solutions greatly helped my team achieve performance and cost transparency. This resulted in process improvements, cost savings, and better communication with our manufacturing plants, customers, and logistics service partners in the U.S. and Canada,” said Gina Tovar, Managing Director of ICL Germany.

In 2018, she moved from Volkswagen Group Logistics in Wolfsburg to BMW AG in Munich. Gina took over the Product Owner position for agile transformation and optimization of inbound processes through innovation. Most recently, she was responsible for the central Planning and Management vehicle distribution for BMW’s National Sales Companies and plants in Latin America. Her focus areas: Cost transparency, digitalization, and reduction of CO2 emissions.

“We are thrilled to welcome Gina Tovar to the ICL team. Many of us at ICL worked with Gina Tovar firsthand during her time at VWGoA. Her professionalism, knowledge, and enthusiasm will be a great addition to the ICL team.” said Patrick Donahoe, CEO, and Founder of ICL.

ICL’s powerful VLMS system for automotive manufacturers (OEMs) and logistics service provider (LSPs)

ICL’s powerful VLMS system is designed to provide automotive manufacturers (OEMs) and logistics service providers (LSPs) with seamless operations, predictable transportation utilization, real-time information, and on-time delivery of new vehicles. Based on the Vehicle Logistics Management System (VLMS), ICL has developed different modules for the challenges of vehicle logistics. All modules are designed to integrate seamlessly and support all challenges of logistics teams. Instead of managing a dozen or more vendors, ICL becomes the single point of contact, reducing complexity and administrative costs. Whether through real-time APIs, web services, or traditional EDI, ICL can capture data from any source and support any customer’s requirements. Currently, ICL is connected to over 160 different logistics service providers in the automotive industry, setting the benchmark for exchanging and digitizing finished vehicle logistics information.

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