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Finished Vehicle Logistics North America - November 9-11 2021

About the Finished Vehicle Logistics Conference

Finished Vehicle Logistics is the most important networking event for automotive logistics industry professionals in North America, bringing together over 300 carmakers, logistics providers, transportation software providers, and other industry professionals. 

This year's event will explore closer partnerships to mitigate supply chain disruption and ensure future success by strengthening networks and accelerating change in outbound logistics.

Registration is still available on their website. OEMs and LSPs can contact ICL for discount codes. 

Brian Hook to Host Finished Vehicle Logistics Idea Lab on Final Mile Visibility

An accurate ETA to dealer has always been the goal. But with an increased percentage of vehicles sold prior to shipping, and dealers expecting Amazon-like service, the industry needs to redefine information sharing for the final mile.

The Finished Vehicle Logistics Ideas Labs are small, solutions-orientated working groups focused on a specific topic related to vehicle logistics.
ICL's Idea Lab will focus on how the FVL sector can deliver on consumer-like expectations, including the appetite for sharing last mile information between the LSP, OEM and dealer, and potential benefits of the new data points for all parties.

In the first phase of the Idea Lab, the group will determine 3 action plans for the industry to move closer to open, real-time information sharing between OEM, LSP and dealer. 

In the second phase of the Idea Lab, Brian will present the call to action on the Main Stage as a quickfire pitch. The action items will inform further discussion, both during the event and after. 

Has the time come for direct delivery to consumers ordering cars online instead of off the lot? 
Successfully transitioning to a true order to delivery process for finished vehicle logistics requires true final mile visibility and ETA accuracy. 

Connect with Brian Hook on LinkedIn

Brian is a seasoned executive with over 20 years experience in finished vehicle logistics. Brian is currently the VP, Sales, Marketing and Products at ICL. His responsibilities in this position include the planning and execution of ICL's global sales, marketing, and product development initiatives. Prior to his current role, Brian served as ICL's VP, Operations, where his responsibilities included managing ICL's customer support teams, as well as the project and technical teams. Brian played a key role in implementing ICL's logistics management software solutions for all customers and integrating their logistics service providers. 

Connect with Tom Swennes on LinkedIn

Tom is a logistics and supply chain executive with over 28 years experience in finished automotive logistics. Currently the VP, Customer Experience and Administration, Tom oversees customer support and operational activities for ICL and Rubicon, as well as finance and human resources. Tom has a background in systems development and sales, as well as extensive operational experience at the OEM level, which shaped his unique perspective of the challenges of this dynamic industry. Tom is also a longtime leader in the Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG), co-chairing the Standardized Electronic Messaging and Visibility workgroup. 

Connect with Jeff Dzierbicki on LinkedIn

Jeff began his career in Vehicle Logistics in 2001 and has held various positions across multiple functional areas in finished vehicle transportation, including Operations, Procurement, Intercontinental, and Network Design with OEM’s and LSPs. He joined Rubicon VLS, ICL's 3PL specializing in finished vehicle logistics, in 2015, and is currently responsible for its overall operation. Jeff received a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Central Michigan University, and an MBA from the University of Michigan – Flint. 

Connect with Karen Burmann on LinkedIn

Karen Burmann is an expert in the field of finished vehicle logistics information technology, with almost 15 years of experience helping OEMs and logistics providers digitalize their transport data. Karen has been with ICL Systems since 2007. She applies her analytical skills to provide operational support to ICL’s customers, design and lead software implementation projects, and support projects related to track and trace and invoice auditing. Karen is currently a Project Development Manager, Product Owner and ICL’s lead for Green House Gas related projects. Karen holds a Bachelor’s in Management Information Systems from Oakland University, Michigan.

ICL's Finished Vehicle Logistics Software and Services

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