The Squirrel in the Substation

When I talk to people about transportation, the conversation usually turns to trains, planes, ships, trucks, and cars: the hardware behind the movement of things. The methods and processes supporting the hardware rarely come up in conversation, which is a shame. To my mind, the methods and processes of operating a transportation network are of […]


Rubicon VLS Wins ‘Lead Logistics Provider’ Award

Our Rubicon VLS team won the FCA Supplier of the Year Award in the category of Lead Logistics Provider. We’re proud to be FCA’s partner in the growing technology component of outbound logistics.


ICL Awarded Kaizen Excellence Award

ICL was awarded the Kaizen Excellence Award by Toyota Canada, Inc., in recognition of achievements as a key logistics partner for 2017. Way to go, team!

Lindsay English Named Logistics “Rising Star” at Automotive Global Awards

NEW ORLEANS – Lindsay English, director of Rubicon VLS, won the “Rising Star” Award in logistics at the Automotive Global Awards North America held in New Orleans on April 05, 2017. The Rising Star Award is open to members of the automotive industry who have shown initiative, dedication, and excellence in shaping their business for […]

Tom Swennes, ICL VP of strategic planning & administration, discusses real-time telematics with Marcus Williams from Automotive Logistics Magazine.

The eighth annual Finished Vehicle Logistics North America conference discussed lots of potential for connected car and in-vehicle technology to transform transport and tracking. However, uncertainties over which technology to focus on, as well as regulatory and economic questions, may hold back important software and hardware updates. Marcus Williams reports from Huntington Beach, California. Gareth […]

ETA accuracy: Going up in the customer’s estimation

Carmakers and logistics providers are now starting to bring ‘Uber-like’ tracking and delivery forecasts to the finished vehicle sector… In this story… VW’s platform enhancements Visibility over exceptions Trying to stay invisible Tracking reverse logistics Scott Mabry may well smile when he reflects on the inspiration for enhancements to Volkswagen Group of America’s logistics tracking system. […]


Rubicon Director Lindsay English was a panelist at the Automotive Logistics Global 2016 Conference. Here is her discussion on designing the finished vehicles logistics network.


ICL Systems VP of Global Strategy, Steve Tripp, on Yard Management for Logistics Tech Outlook

Yard Management Systems Can we skip the RFID please? Bar Codes are a seemingly ancient technology in the logistics world.  But, they are still in use everywhere in the supply chain – from cross docks to the check-out line at the grocery store.  For years, we have been reading and talking about how RFID tags […]

Rubicon’s Bert Ruden discusses an incident from his time working for a railroad in the July edition of Trains Magazine

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Automotive Leaders Summit

  Automotive Leaders Summit, April 6-7, Las Vegas Pat Donahoe, ICL; Dennis Manns, Road and Rail; Robert Sadler, Road and Rail; Tom Swennes, ICL; Pat Lewis, ICL; Lindsay English, Rubicon VLS. ICL founder and president, Pat Donahoe