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In these uncertain days, supply chain reaction times are critical

Given current political and economic uncertainties, there may be many twists and turns in the track ahead… making it all the more important that supply chains can plan and react with real efficiency Strip the global outlook to pure numbers, and the story for the automotive industry is quite positive. China sales have been accelerating. The US and Europe, […]

CDN app makes ICL deliveries more efficient

Car Delivery Network (CDN), which provides cloud-based applications for outbound vehicle movements, has revealed it is providing real-time vehicle delivery data via its vinDeliver ePOD software to finished vehicle supply chain systems provider ICL in North America. The vinDeliver app allows drivers to collect data in the field to ePOD (electronic proof of delivery) standards established by […]

Advancing supply chain performance through benchmarking and assessment

In today’s increasingly competitive landscape, it’s important for organizations to continually identify areas of improvement within supply chain operations. One method to do this is through a series of benchmarking assessments, which allows an organization to determine its overall performance and improve processes. According to a Supply Chain Management Review survey, 76% of respondents feel […]

Supply chain visibility needs clear definitions, leadership to succeed

Dive Brief: Though most people understand the value of end-to-end visibility within the supply chain, they’re not very comfortable exposing their own piece of the puzzle, Material Handling and Logistics reported recently. Full-chain visibility requires everyone in the process, from the CEO of a company to the sourcing, manufacturing, warehousing, packaging and shipping partners to […]

Quality supplier partnerships benefit from goal-setting, growth plans

Dive Brief: Market Intelligence company SpendEdge states that streamlining supply chains requires a careful choice of partners to enhance collaboration, CSCMP’s Supply Chain Quartely reported. Though finding the right partners can be challenging, setting goals in the following areas can speed the process: collaborating in areas of shared stability or success, as well as defining the […]

The supply chain curriculum: How universities are preparing the next generation of leaders

More than other college programs, industry and academics go hand-in-hand with supply chain. The supply chain management field is broad, so it’s understandably difficult to structure a collegiate undergraduate curriculum to cover everything an incoming hire should know prior to graduation. Few students enter their undergraduate program knowing they want to specifically go into procurement, […]

Vehicle logistics & regulations: The new rules of the game

Donald Trump’s pledge to lighten the US regulatory load should be music to the logistics industry’s ears, but road and rail providers may have to fight their own corners as and when the changes are rung in As the Auto Haulers Association of America (AAHA) met in Arizona on November 8th 2016 for its national […]

True Leaders Believe Dissent Is an Obligation

These are head-spinning times for those of us who think about the best ways to lead and the most effective ways to compete. What defines acceptable personal behavior (let alone behavior worth emulating) among public officials? Why would executives at so many iconic organizations — Volkswagen, Wells Fargo, FIFA — tolerate behavior so egregious that […]

China Is Getting Under the Hoods of More American Cars

China’s Getting Under the Hoods of More American Cars Chinese companies started talking a decade ago about cracking the U.S. auto market with an array of low-cost passenger vehicles. That hasn’t happened, so instead they’re getting under the hoods of American cars by buying up parts makers at a record pace. Ningbo Joyson Electronic Corp. […]