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How supply chain visibility can help maximize operating efficiencies

It’s no exaggeration to say that a company’s supply chain can make or break the business. In fact, it could be argued that the success behind well-run companies like Amazon and Apple is an effective supply chain. And, one of the first things these best-in-class operations understand is that supply chains run on data. This […]

Your New Hires Won’t Succeed Unless You Onboard Them Properly

It used to be that onboarding was a process of just a few days, but new research shows that spending as much as a year helping new employees get up to speed in the workplace is necessary to capitalize on the skills, knowledge, and excitement they bring to the organization. What’s more, companies with successful onboarding […]

Why Should You Outsource Technology to A 3PL?

Keeping your shipping technology in-house seems like a good idea on the surface. You feel you can have control over the system and it will directly relate to your company’s processes. Right? But if you’re a transportation manager, you’re likely wasting precious hours trying to keep technology updated, data consolidated, and tracking systems efficient—when you […]

Steal Googlers’ Secret for Avoiding Burnout in a High-Stress Job

Googlers work long hours in a high-pressure environment but rarely burnout. Here’s why: OK, the free food and innovation-friendly culture make working at Google sound like a dream come true. But let’s be honest, for all its perks, the company definitely doesn’t sound like a low-stress place to work. All those lush buffets are meant […]

APICS launches K-12 supply chain education program

Dive Brief: APICS launched its new Supply Chain STEM Educational Outreach Program Monday in order to familiarize K-12 students with the supply chain, according to a press release. The program seeks to explain the importance of the profession, demonstrate how supply chain management works and ultimately share appealing career paths within the field. Ideally, the program […]

The Comprehensive Business Case for Sustainability

Today’s executives are dealing with a complex and unprecedented brew of social, environmental, market, and technological trends. These require sophisticated, sustainability-based management. Yet executives are often reluctant to place sustainability core to their company’s business strategy in the mistaken belief that the costs outweigh the benefits. On the contrary, academic research and business experience point […]

Perfecting the last mile – Part 5

9 trends in last-mile delivery How e-commerce is forcing changes in how retailers and carriers do business.  Supply chains and carriers have business-to-business delivery down to a science, but the rise in trends like e-commerce, crowdsourcing apps and same-day delivery has upended the last-mile delivery segment. If the last mile is ripe for disruption, supply […]

Perfecting the last mile – Part 4

What retailers can do to make the last mile more efficient Last-mile delivery is complicated and expensive, but there are ways to make it work. Last-mile delivery ain’t cheap! Or easy! Estimates show the final leg of delivery can comprise up to 28% of a product’s total transportation cost – it’s no wonder retailers are […]

Perfecting the last mile- Part 3

How cities can help supply chains perfect the last mile Urban planning and business collaboration could help cities better manage side effects of last-mile delivery. Urban freight is expected to increase 40% by 2050, going hand-in-hand with the slew of retail stores closing due to e-commerce growth. That means more trucks on the road, clogging […]

Perfecting the Last Mile- Part 2

For last-mile proficiency, tap the logistics network UPS and DHL executives share how they are rising to the last-mile challenge. It was not so long ago that shipping and handling was a common line item when shopping online, and a five-to-seven-day delivery window was acceptable. Today, shipping and handling – or the logistics cost of transactions […]